Casa Tartufo 

It’s never too much for truffles.

This year Christmas we tried Casa Tartufo and deliciously we enjoyed:

– BURRATINA in-house smoked burrata cheese, fresh truffles

-Scrambled organic eggs, fresh white truffles

-Thin egg-noodles, fresh white truffles

-Braised veal shank, saffron risotto, garlic gremolata



This little boy has gown up too fast. 

Happy 17th Hung, love you to the moon and back! 

Let him monopolize you

“He who clings on to his life will lose it whilst he who lets go* of it will retain it”
(Jesus the Nazarene)

*The secret is to ‘let go’ and not ‘try’. If one ‘tries’ instead of ‘letting go’, he is in effect trying to pull the Elk consciousness into the horns or the whole into a small part of the whole; this cannot be done. You cannot monopolize God. Let Him monopolize you).